New Signings: Jacqueline Carey & China Mieville

Signing: July 13th!

Ahh, the first two signings on the new website! Life is getting back to normal.

The first is Jacqueline Carey. Jacqueline and I have been friends for a long time now. She has signed at The Signed Page every year for almost a decade. That’s a long time. Why does she keep coming back? Her fans. Her fans demand it. So every year she flies to Seattle and signs hundreds of books for people all over the world.

This year is no exception. Jacqueline is signing her new book, Naamah’s Blessing, on July 13th! As usual, Jacqueline is willing to sign 500 copies of the new book, but only 100 of them can be personalized/inscribed. These personalized copies usually sell out within an hour or two, so be prepared.

Signing: May 28th!

The second signing is for China Mieville. China has finally been getting the respect and admiration he deserves in the last two years. With his award-winning novel The City & the City and last year’s Kraken, he is primed for the release of Embassytown, his first science fiction effort. Those of you who are always asking me about adding more sci-fi to The Signed Page? Here’s your chance.

And those of you who haven’t read China’s work? Buy this book. He’s a great writer. And I simply love this cover!

There you have it. The two newest signings. There are a bunch on the way though, so stay tuned!