Who Do You Want Signing?

Now that I am finally able to settle back into some sense of normalcy after the barrage of huge signings I’ve had in the last two months, I can finally start looking toward the future again.

And I need your help.

I started The Signed Page to help people get signed and personalized books for cover price. It started with one of my favorite authors, Terry Brooks, and has now grown to incorporate dozens of other writes whenever they publish a book. But many of these authors are favorites of mine and I seek them out. There are a great many others out there I don’t know that you all might want to have at The Signed Page.

Right now I’m looking at having Blake Charlton, Lev Grossman, Michael Scott, Charlaine Harris, John Scalzi, Dan Simmons, Timothy Zahn, George R. R. Martin, Daniel Abraham, Terry Brooks and Kelley Armstrong for signings this year. But other than those listed, who do you want and what new book should they be signing? Here is a Locus Forthcoming Books list. Comment below and maybe we can get a good list going—and get them into The Signed Page!