News & New Books Added!

It’s that time of year again, when we are edging into a summer filled with great titles—and touring authors!

Some news that isn’t normal though. A few days ago, after I had a lump removed from my neck, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Many of you may remember I had cancer 10 years ago. This Hodgkin’s lymphoma is a completely unrelated cancer to what I had before. I’m just lucky like that, I guess. Ha! I’ll have chemotherapy every two weeks for 6-16 months, depending on how quickly my tumors begin to shrink and die, a far cry to the chemo I received every single day for months and months 10 years ago. The good news is the treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma is a cake walk compared to what I had before and the cure rate is as close to 100% as any cancer has.

In short, I’m not worried about it. And neither should you. I’m a bastard when it comes to things like this. And really, I’ll likely have a lot more friends and family helping me ship out books because of the pity this kind of disease generates.

Stupid, right? Life’s silver linings!

Why tell you all of this? It’s personal, right, and you don’t need to know. The bad news is I have to charge an extra $5 per book sale for the foreseeable future. I know, I know, that’s not cover price, the cover price I’ve given for 10 years. But like many in my position, I couldn’t get affordable health insurance due to my previous condition, I don’t have health insurance now, and I have to pay for my own surgeries, my own labs, my own chemotherapy. We are talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars, more than likely. I just want you to know where your money is going—saving my physical life as well as my financial life.

At any rate, no reason to bore you with this stuff. Let’s get to the fun stuff! The authors who will be touring through The Signed Page this summer! Remember though: When you place an order with multiple books on it to save on shipping, that entire order ships when the last book on the receipt has been signed!

The Measure of the Magic by Terry Brooks – The second book and conclusion of the Legends of Shannara duology. Terry signs every year. You know this; I know this. And I have to say I loved the conclusion of this story—actually reduced me to tears for the second time reading a Terry Brooks book!

A Dance With Dragons by George R. R. Martin – One of the most anticipated book releases in a decade. With Game of Thrones doing well on HBO, George’s readership keeps growing and growing. He will be stopping by on July 29th to sign copies of A Dance With Dragons. Order soon. I think this will be limited to several hundred signed copies — a far cry from the two thousand I could probably sell — so get your orders in quickly because this will sell out.

The Magician King by Lev Grossman – A writer and book critic for Time Magazine, Lev got a lot of great reviews for The Magicians several years ago, a darker, grittier Harry Potter-type tale. Now he returns to the same world with The Magician King!

Spellbound by Blake Charlton – Another sequel book, this time for Blake Charlton. Many people loved Spellwright when it was released and now Spellbound is being released later this summer! It also features another Todd Lockwood cover. You can order either a copy signed by just Blake or a copy signed by both Blake and Todd!

The Inheritance by Robin Hobb – First, this is a US trade paperback. Robin’s US publisher didn’t release The Inheritance as a hardcover, sadly. I can’t get copies of the UK hardcover because they never arrive undamaged. But I’ve received a lot of mail from you guys about having this trade paperback up on The Signed Page and Robin will be signing copies for you!

Downpour by Kat Richardson – Kat is one of the best urban fantasy writers working in that field and this is the second time she has visited The Signed Page! Haven’t read her Greywalker series? This might be a good place to jump on!

Legacy of Kings by C.S. Friedman – A first time at The Signed Page for one of the fantasy genre’s best! C.S. Friedman made a huge splash years ago with her Coldfire trilogy of novels. Now people are talking about her newest trilogy, of which the Legacy of Kings is the third book. If you haven’t tried her, do it. You won’t regret it!

Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence – The summer wouldn’t be what it is without a debut novel that is already getting great reviews! Remember how I told you guys about The Name of the Wind? I’m saying it about Prince of Thorns!

There you go! Some great books on there, definitely ones needed for any respectable signed-book library! I also have 20 copies each of Dead Reckoning signed by Charlaine Harris and Fuzzy Nation signed by John Scalzi! First come, first served!