Limited Quantity: A Dance With Dragons

George R. R. Martin is stopping by The Signed Page on July 29th to sign copies of his new book, A Dance With Dragons.

I like don’t have to tell you that this is a rarity. George is doing it out of the kindness of his heart. We set a limit for the signing since I can handle only so many copies in my chemotherapy-weakened condition. It’s 300 copies. There are only 36 copies left of those 300 not ordered.

That said, since I have a little foresight about collecting, I ordered an additional 100 to go with that 300. Not sure if George will sign them or not—I hope so—but they are First Edition / 1st printing copies—also a rarity. The book as you may know has gone into six or seven printings now, making those first printings highly collectible. And with the success that George and his series are experiencing, it’s not going to stop.

I’ll talk to George and his publicist at Comic Con tomorrow about the additional 100 copies that I have and see if we can’t get them signed. In short, if you are going to order, do so quickly though. Because George posted on his website today about The Signed Page and the 36 copies left I know will be signed might not be around for long…