A Game of Thrones Sets Now Available

I’ve had a lot of people asking if I had any additional sets of the double-signed George R. R. Martin / Daniel Abraham A Game of Thrones Issues #1-3.

I do. Not many. I have various variant sets available now on the site as well as the remaining 13 sets originally offered several months ago. The variant sets are far more rare than the original sets that were offered—especially double-signed. If you have any questions about them, just let me know!

Also, I’ve posted the pre-ordering period for Issues #4-6! George’s assistant said he’d be happy to sign another 3 issues and Daniel Abraham is a machine when it comes to signing. Issues #1-3 went quickly—the only reason I have an additional 13 sets is because I ordered a few extra in case of damage during transit—so don’t wait around too long to order.