Shipping Update: Briggs, Harrison, GRRM/Abraham

Just a quick post to update everyone on the busiest week I’ve had since finishing chemo!

First, I’m healthy. That much is clear. I kicked ass and took names this last weekend and this week.

All copies of Fair Game signed by Patricia Briggs have shipped.

With the exception of 4 copies o A Perfect Blood that have damaged dust jackets that need exchanging, all copies signed by Kim Harrison have shipped.

And all comic book issues of the George R. R. Martin / Daniel Abraham double-signed comic books have shipped with the exception of those orders that include a book. I discovered last night that I don’t have boxes that fit both the comic books and a book, so those must arrive. They should by Monday.

There you have it. Expect deliveries soon! And I have two signings to post, which I’ll likely do tonight or early next week. We’ll see how time works.

Hope you are reading something great! I’m re-reading A Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin to prepare for Season 2 of the HBO show!