Pre-Order Now: Robin Hobb and Guy Gavriel Kay

brennan-historyThere are three new books to mention, one brought into stock and two more with upcoming signings!

The first is A Natural History of Dragons double-signed by Marie Brennan and cover artist Todd Lockwood! It’s a gorgeous book, a memoir of sorts detailing the life of Lady Trent, a woman with an insatiable curiosity toward dragons. Any dragon fan will love this!

That brings me to the first pre-order book. Blood of Dragons by Robin Hobb is the final book in her newest series—and you guessed it, it has dragons! Robin will be signing copies of this as she usually does and I’m excited about it. She is one of my favorite people. If you haven’t read Robin’s work, definitely give it a try.

The last book to mention is River of Stars by Guy Gavriel Kay. One of my favorite authors. A great writer who in Under Heaven introduced us to an ancient Chinese civilization. He continues that tale in River of Stars. If you love great writing, this is a book for you!