Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born

darktower-3“The man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed.”

A better first line you likely won’t find in literature, in my opinion. The opening sentence of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series epitomizes everything that the opus stands for. Conflict. The gunslinger. Roland Deschain’s tenacity to discover what ails his world—at any costs to those around him.

When Marvel Comics decided to adapt and publish new stories set in Roland’s world, I was onboard immediately. When they hired Robin Furth, Peter David, Jae Lee, and Richard Isanove, I was already in love. So much, in fact, I had a seven-issue signing with colorist Richard Isanove, getting individual copies of the series signed.

It was a huge success. I sold sets of the series and Dark Tower fans were happy, happy, happy!

Sadly, during the shipping process, several copies of Issue #5 were damaged and I don’t feel comfortable selling them. Those damaged issues ruined about five sets. But I still have the other issues, signed, and I’ve had them for six years. I forgot about them.

Doing some spring cleaning yesterday, I ran across them again and realized some of you might like them. So I’ve posted them on the site for sale! To order them, click on the links below or to the right!

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