Todd Lockwood Remarques Wards of Faerie

brooks-wardsArtist Todd Lockwood contributed the interior, full-color artwork for the three books that comprise The Dark Legacy of Shannara by Terry Brooks.

I had a hand in those paintings. I’ve been Terry’s webmaster for fourteen years and I read his work earlier than everyone besides his wife. So when I put Todd and Terry together, I knew I’d be asked opinions. I gave them. But it was really the talent of Todd that made the pieces work. He is one of the best artists working right now and he did a phenomenal job stepping into Shannara‘s Four Lands and bringing them to life!

He has done it again here. Todd took some time out of his busy schedule to remarque five copies of the trilogy’s first book, Wards of Faerie!

Here are the three sketches he drew onto the first blank page of the book:

As you can see, he spent some significant time on these sketches. And since he has been so good to me over the years—painting the covers for my debut book The Dark Thorn and my anthology Unfettered—I figured I’d just hand the money from these five sales over to him.

As a thank you for being such a badass.

To take a closer look and/or order, click HERE!

Hope they find good homes! Cheers!