Google Hangouts

icon-googlehangoutThe Signed Page began in 2001 as a way to help sci-fi/fantasy fans all over the world attain signed copies of books by their favorite authors.

After all, not all writers can visit every city in the world on tour. It leaves many people unable to meet authors and get a memorable signed book. The Signed Page helps bridge part of that problem.

For years though, the other part of the problem has existed. Sure, people can get signed and/or personalized copies of their favorite books but they still can’t ask questions of those writers. It has bothered me a long time. I’ve thought long and hard about this, waiting for technology to find a solution that—while still not eliminating the entire problem—brings the reader one step closer to the writer.

I have decided to try something new. For all future signings, I will ask my visiting writers to take part in Google Hangouts on Air!

Google Hangouts on Air is a video service that let’s several people video conference one another. It also saves the video afterward, allowing people to watch or re-watch the interview.

You will need an account though. Join Google today!

For The Signed Page, I plan on incorporating this powerful tool into the website, to bring your favorite writers closer to you, my reading customers.

You will be able to leave questions in advance of the video interview. I will ask my participating writers the questions in the video. People will be able to leave their questions in a chat box even while the interview is happening! It will help bridge that aforementioned more, bringing writer and reader closer together!

The first Google Hangout will be with Terry Brooks. We will likely do a test run in December 2013. Stay tuned for that information! We’ll see if we can’t make this work for you guys!

More when I know it! Stay tuned!