Pictures: Nate Taylor & Mr. Whiffle Photos

rothfuss-princess2Some signing news! And photos!

Patrick Rothfuss has signed copies of The Dark of Deep Below, the new Princess & Mr. Whiffle not-a-children’s book!

Nate Taylor, the artist who contributed the artwork for the book, stopped by last week and signed the books as well! He also picked up the copies he will be remarqeing for the Worldbuilders charity. When he is finished doodling/sketching in them, he will return them to me and I ship them out with utmost haste.

For those of you who loved Pat and Nate’s work, they are planning some cool things in the future as well. A great team!

In the meantime, here are three pictures of Nate with copies of the new book!

And yes, before anyone asks, the framed piece of artwork in the background is the original Donato sketch that led to the Kvothe painting for the US cover of The Name of the Wind. Pretty awesome, isn’t it!? Too bad my bald reflection is in the glass! Ruination, I tell you!

A big thank you to Nate for signing and remarqeuing! A great talent with a bigger heart!

To order your copy, click The Dark of Deep Below!

More soon!