Postponed: The High Druid’s Blade

brooks-highdruidsbladeI have some bad news for Terry Brooks fans.

Terry just wrote a letter to his fans explaining that The High Druid’s Blade, which was going to publish in March 2014, has now been postponed until August 2014. You can read his thoughts HERE.

As his webmaster and long-time friend, I can see the silver lining in this decision. This gives Terry extra time to write Book 3 in the series and gives him more time to design/dream the Shannara conclusion trilogy, something I and every fan should want done right.

I also know that Terry is almost finished with a new book, unrelated to anything he has written before. He has two other books, unrelated to anything he has written before, that he hopes to write. If this postponement does anything, it gives him more time to work on those books as well.

Then there is the publicity and marketing if the Elfstones television show is green lit into production and is released in Fall 2014…

Those of you who have already ordered a copy of The High Druid’s Blade signed by Terry have two options. You can wait until August and receive your book, not having to do anything but wait. Or you can ask for a refund. Personally, I’m hoping you don’t ask for a refund because it will be absolute hell to refund people, locate the hardcopy paperwork, and crumple up that piece of paper! Grr!

But I believe in customer service. So I am here for you, no matter what you choose!

If you have any questions, definitely feel free to write me. I’m always around.