Pre-Order: Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson

When The Way of Kings published in 2010, I could not wait to read it!

I am a huge fan of Brandon Sanderson—both the writer and the man with the huge heart and quick laugh—and getting a chance to read his vision of the epic fantasy was high up on my list. I contacted Tor Books immediately and asked for a copy. An advanced reader copy showed up several days later and I dove into it.

Since then, Brandon has continued writing on various projects. But like many of his fans, I have had a hard time waiting for Words of Radiance, the sequel to The Way of Kings. Brandon has ten books planned in the Stormlight Archives and they are massive books, the best that is offered in the epic fantasy genre.

I knew I wanted signed copies of Words of Radiance for all of you, not only for those of you wanted signed books but to highlight this amazing series to those of you who have not read it!

And with artwork by Michael Whelan, how can we go wrong!

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