Pictures: Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson

As planned, Brandon Sanderson has signed copies of his new novel, Words of Radiance!

We had a small window to get it done. Thankfully, Brandon is a machine. He signed at the University Bookstore event for five hours and then tackled the hundreds of copies for The Signed Page. I have no doubt his hand was aching once he was done with his event and even more so after signing copies for all of us.

Therefore, when you get your copy of Words of Radiance, be sure to post a picture of your book with a thank you to Brandon—maybe even share it on his Twitter (@BrandSanderson) and Facebook pages.

Here are some photos from the event as well as the Signed Page signing:

I have already begun shipping out orders but it is going to take me the week to get them all done. Please be patient. Writing me and asking where your book is won’t speed up the process. It slows it down. When your order is shipped, you will receive an email notification. Be on the look out!

A huge thank you to Brandon for signing so many copies too. I had only planned on 100 but he spent another night in Seattle to sign more—helping many of you get signed copies! Again, I say, thank him when you can. He’s an amazingly talented writer but a more talented human being.

More soon!