Event Video: Kevin Hearne

Shattered by Kevin Hearne is in fine bookstores now!

In fact, The Signed Page has a few copies HERE.

After Kevin signed books for me, he attended his event at the University Bookstore in Seattle, WA. There, I videotaped Kevin talking to the audience. He spoke about his work, read a really cool scene from Shattered featuring new character Owen Kennedy, and then he answered questions from his readers.

Here is that video:

Kevin spends his time answering questions about his forthcoming Luke Skywalker Star Wars book (coming out February 2015), how he creates his pantheons, if Oberon will ever get his own book, how his series meaning is religious tolerance, when we will get his epic fantasy A Plague of Giants, and the title of the next Iron Druid book!

If you know a Kevin Hearne fan, share this post with them. They’ll love it! The next best thing to being at one of his events!

Visit Kevin at www.kevinhearne.com!