Pre-Order Now: Sleeping Late On Judgement Day by Tad Williams

Bobby Dollar is back!

He’s back from Hell, of all places, an angel who has visited the toughest place in town. And Tad Williams is back with him.

The bestselling author will be signing copies of Sleeping Late on Judgement Day, the third book in his urban fantasy series. I have to say, I absolutely love the cover on this. And being back in Bobby’s life will be great fun indeed! Tad is signing in mid-September.

If you didn’t buy last year’s Bobby Dollar book, Happy Hour in Hell, then here is your chance as well! I ordered too many, Tad signed too many, and now I need the room. I have discounted Happy Hour in Hell to $22.00. A bargain for a pristine mint signed copy!

Sleeping Late on Judgement Day is publishing September 2nd!

Bobby’s back!

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