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Poison Fruit by Jacqueline Carey is coming October 7, 2014!

It is the conclusion to her Agent of Hel series, an urban fantasy trilogy that has been likened to Sookie Stackhouse and Kim Harrison’s work. If you love great writing and better storytelling, Dark Currents, Autumn Bones (of which I have a few signed copies left), and Poison Fruit are it.

Jacqueline is returning to The Signed Page in October because she has the best fans ever! She really does care of you guys. It’s not my grouchy—I mean charming—disposition that keeps her coming back!

Order your copy today!

Poison Fruit by Jacqueline Carey

Hardcover: 448 pages
ISBN: 978-0451465313
Release Date: Oct 7, 2014
Signing Date: Oct 10, 2014


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The hot-as-Hel series with the “Sookie Stackhouse type of vibe” (Paranormal Horizon) is back—but this time the paranormal Midwestern town of Pemkowet is feeling a frost in the air and the residents are frozen in fear….

The Pemkowet Visitors Bureau has always promoted paranormal tourism—even if it has downplayed the risks (hobgoblins are unpredictable). It helps that the town is presided over by Daisy Johanssen, who as Hel’s liaison is authorized by the Norse goddess of the dead to keep Pemkowet under control. Normally, that’s easier to do in the winter, when bracing temperatures keep folks indoors.

But a new predator is on the prowl, and this one thrives on nightmares. Daisy is on her trail and working intimately with her partner and sometime lover from the Pemkowet PD, sexy yet unavailable werewolf Cody Fairfax. But even as the creature is racking up innocent victims, a greater danger looms on Pewkowet’s horizon.

As a result of a recent ghost uprising, an unknown adversary—represented by a hell-spawn lawyer with fiery powers of persuasion—has instigated a lawsuit against the town. If Pemkowet loses, Hel’s sovereignty will be jeopardized, and the fate of the eldritch community will be at stake. The only one who can prevent it is Daisy—but she’s going to have to confront her own worst nightmare to do it.

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