Sold-out! For Now: ROGUES

martin-roguesI have removed Rogues edited by George R. R. Martin & Gardner Dozois from the website.

Yes, the signing is still going to happen. I am still seeing Patrick Rothfuss and Joe Abercrombie at San Diego Comic Con and they are signing. And if I can get a few other contributors to sign, then that will make for great bonuses for all of us.

No, I had to remove the book because I have sold the first 150 of 200 that I will be taking to San Diego. When I brought up the signing idea with Pat, I told him that I would give copies to his Worldbuilders charity. At the moment, I have no idea how many I am giving him. 50 wouldn’t be outside of the realm of possibility.

Therefore, I can’t sell all 200 copies when some of those copies aren’t technically mine to sell. Right?

There will be 50 more copies. Somewhere. I just don’t know where they will be sold yet. So for those of you who didn’t order a copy of Rogues but still want one—you’ll have to watch this website around August 1st to find out what happened to those 50 books.

Rogues publishes on June 17th!

Get ready for some great storytelling!