brooks-highdruidsbladeSome good news. And some not so good news.

I can happily report that Terry Brooks has signed the pre-ordered copies of The High Druid’s Blade, the new Shannara novel!

I can also happily report that I have bubble wrapped all orders. And I should be able to finish boxing the orders with multiple copies today.

That said, here is the not so good news. With yesterday’s awesome news that MTV has greenlit into production the live-action adaptation of The Elfstones of Shannara, I have been utterly swamped with keeping up my duties to get that information out to the world. It has been daunting. And it has taken me completely away from shipping the books out. And not only that, but I am now traveling to Portland to videotape Terry’s event tomorrow night (Sunday night). It is his first speaking engagement after the news became public. And I want to capture that on video for posterity and publicity reasons.

I should be back in Seattle by Tuesday to continue shipping. I will get them out in two days more than likely. I hope you all can forgive me. But it is for the greater good I believe. And if anyone wants to cancel their order, I will completely understand.

Thank you for being excellent customers and better readers!