UPDATE: 10 Nate Taylor Sketched Copies: The Dark of Deep Below

rothfuss-taylorcolorThe Deep of Dark Below by Patrick Rothfuss & Nate Taylor is in fine bookstores now!

It is the sequel to The Adventures of the Princes & Mr. Whiffle, the not-for-children children’s book. And like all great children’s books, both books have wonderful art. And that art is done by Nate Taylor.

Since Nate Taylor lives in my beloved Seattle, I asked him to come over and doodle/sketch in ten copies of the Limited Edition The Dark of Deep Below for The Signed Page! These are super rare. Only 2000 were produced and only these ten have been remarqued with fresh doodles by Nate.

Here is more information about the book:

Limited: 2000 signed numbered leatherbound copies, with exclusive full-color dust jacket, extra sketch section, and Pat’s original script

The Signed Limited Edition Includes

  • All of the Story and Illustrations in the Trade Edition
  • An Exclusive Full-Color Dust Jacket (the Trade Edition dust jacket is black and white)
  • An Extra Section of Nate’s Sketches
  • Pat’s Original Script for the book, which differs from the finished volume

As an example, here is one of the doodled Limited Edition copies:


To order, click HERE or look below! Then use the drop-down menu on the page to select the $80 remarqued edition! Then checkout as usual. That simple!

Happy shopping!

UPDATE: The 10 copies sold out in about an hour. I know some of you want your own copy. I have reached out to Sub Press about getting a few more copies in that Nate can remarque. I’ll post that news if we can get some additional copies. Cheers!

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