Pre-Order: War Dogs by Greg Bear

Who is the greatest living science fiction writer?

It’s a debatable question, for sure. There are some fantastic science fiction writers working right now. But for me, it’s Greg Bear.

I’ve been a fan of Greg’s work since he won the Nebula Award for Darwin’s Radio. That book was my entrance into his work and I’ve read almost everything that he’s written. He is one of those writers who lets interesting developments in science lead him in thriller-like stories, and I turn the pages fast when I’m in deep into one of his books.

He has a new book coming out in October titled War Dogs. I’ll let you read what it’s about below. I want it. Now. So I’m happy to offer signed copies of it!

Science fiction is about to make a come back, I believe. Fantasy has ruled for several decades. But with Old Man’s War by John Scalzi and Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey coming to TV, I think this is going to be a re-dawn of awesome sci-fi storytelling in novels as well.

And Greg Bear is already a part of that!

War Dogs publishes in October!

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