Signing Update: Nate Taylor’s Sketchy SLOW REGARD

rothfuss-slowregardNate Taylor is still drawing, drawing, drawing!

And slowly, with absolute regard, he is sketching copies of The Slow Regard of Silent Things by Patrick Rothfuss. Several dozen of you ordered copies of the new Four Corners book with Nate’s doodle inside. He has finished about a dozen of them but still has about twenty left to complete.

I am letting you know that these will not be shipping before Thanksgiving but a week or two afterward. Nate is working as hard as he can to finish but he wants these to be of a high quality. I agree with him.

When the books are returned to me, the orders will go out immediately. Needless to say, I want you to have your books as quickly as possible.

Just updating you all! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!