Pre-Order: THE DARKLING CHILD by Terry Brooks

The Darkling Child by Terry Brooks will publish June 9, 2015!

It is the second book in the Defenders of Shannara series, a departure for Terry in many ways. First, it is a far more personal story, featuring a non-Ohmsford character in Paxon Leah, the heir to the Sword of Leah. The series is also largely told from his point of view, lacking multiple POV characters. And The High Druid’s Blade was a stand alone; The Darkling Child is even more of a stand alone.

This will be a large signing because Terry is not touring this year for the new book. He will only be signing at University Bookstore in Seattle, WA and Powells Books in Beaverton, OR. I have also decided to only allow 100 personalized copies—copies Terry will put a reader’s name into—since he will be so busy with the TV show.

Get to ordering now! These won’t last!

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