Terry Brooks Now Signing On June 19th

brooks-darklingHi Everyone,

Unfortunately, the signing for The Darkling Child has not worked out the way that we had originally planned.

Those of you who have been buying from me for a long time know that I usually get Terry Brooks books early and he signs before the release date, allowing us to get the books out faster than for normal signings. We had planned on that for The Darkling Child as well because it is far less stressful doing things before a book publishes than after.

As many of you have surmised though, this year is not like other years. The Shannara Chronicles is coming to TV and Terry has great responsibility to the show. Not only does he work on the TV series but he also has to work with the publishing when it comes to promoting Shannara Chronicles. And the publisher needed Terry to come out to New York last weekend for almost a week—to prepare what will be happening book-side when the TV show airs.

It’s all very exciting. And I’m sure that Terry will be talking more about all of this quite soon. But the time he needed to do that cost us the time where he’d be signing copies of The Darkling Child.

He comes home today. Then tomorrow is his event at the University Bookstore. On Sunday he drives down to his home in Oregon for the Monday and Tuesday signings in Cannon Beach and Portland respectively. And then he drives back up to Seattle on Thursday.

Therefore, the earliest he can sign is Friday, June 19th. The good news is his grandson Hunter is going to help ship books out to speed up the process, a great boon for you guys getting your late books not quite as late as they could have been.

I believe in transparency in all things. I know many of you wanted these books as gifts. If you wish a reimbursement for your order, certainly feel free to Contact Me. I have absolutely no problem honoring that so you can get the book earlier if you need it.

More news when I know it.

And many apologies!