Terry Brooks Books Up For Sale

brooks-magicOver the years, I have sold a lot of signed books.

Many of you have been with me for the entirety of fifteen years and some of you buy every single book that I make available. That means there are some wonderful signed libraries out there and I’m happy that I could help with that.

That said, sometimes a customer needs financial help — and that library must be sold. This can be for any number of reasons. While I’m saddened that a customer can fall in hard times, I am more than willing to help find good homes for those books.

Mark Vach is one such customer. He’s been with The Signed Page for a very long time. He is a Terry Brooks through and through, my kind of reader! And he needs to part with some of his collection.

Click HERE to view the books that are up for sale.

To contact Mark about an individual book or several of them, here is his email address: m3vach@gmail.com

Hopefully this helps some of you and, in turn, this will help out Mark.

I can vouch for these books, by the way.