Terry Brooks signing The Sorcerer's Daughter May 24th

Terry Brooks signing The Sorcerer’s Daughter May 24th


Hi Everyone,

As planned, Terry Brooks stopped by The Signed Page on May 24th to sign copies of his new book, The Sorcerer’s Daughter.

What did not go as planned was the copies arriving largely damaged from transit. Out of the 400 books I ordered, 84 were unusable. I couldn’t fulfill about thirty orders. And now with Terry on tour until June 20th, it means those people have to wait.

I finished shipping all of the other orders by Wednesday last week, a record for me. That means a lot of you should be getting your copies soon.

I will try to reach out to those of you who have to wait. You can do two things:

1. I can reimburse your order and you can buy a copy of the book somewhere else.

2. I can give you a discount on a future book via coupon.

Many apologies about this. I could have fulfilled these orders but I doubt people would have been thrilled having damaged books.

Hope you had a safe and fun holiday weekend!