Signing Update: Guy Gavriel Kay


Guy Gavriel Kay stopped by The Signed Page on Friday, May 20th, to sign copies of his new book, Children of Earth and Sky!

The copies that were pre-ordered will ship Monday, May 23rd!

As always, we had a great time. Guy is one of the nicest authors I’ve met and his knowledge of the craft of writing and the book industry as a whole always leaves me humbled. We talked about a great many things—even NBA playoff basketball—and it was great to get caught up with him. We only see one another every three years when he publishes a book, but boy, always what a book!

I have six or seven signed copies left of Children of Earth and Sky! You might want to order one soon before they are gone forever!

If you haven’t read Guy’s work, this is a great chance to do that. Or you can pick up any of his previous books. They are largely stand alone in nature but wonderful reads.

Happy reading!