About Us

The Signed Page service began as a way to help New York Times bestselling author Terry Brooks reach fans who could not meet with him when he went on tour. He quickly recognized its use, since many fans could order the book from The Signed Page instead of sending their books directly Terry where they may get damaged, lost, or worse.

Since then, more and more writers and publicists have come to see the advantage of stopping by The Signed Page, with fans usually ordering hundreds of books at each signing. It is one of those rare ideas that help everyone involved: the writer sells another book and helps their fans, the publisher sells another book, the book distributor sells another book, The Signed Page sells a book, and most importantly the fan gets a signed or personalized book at or near cover price!

In short, since writers can only visit so many cities per tour, the fan has the opportunity to collect their favorite author’s latest novel signed or personalized; the author in turn reaches a fan who might not have had the chance to meet them on tour. The Signed Page bridges that gap and benefits both.

Fans around the world use the service, getting signed US editions. From Japan to Italy to South Africa and Mexico, The Signed Page has helped thousands of fans in 28 countries share a part of writers’ final work.

Such distinguished authors as Terry Brooks, Greg Bear, Steven Erikson, George R. R. Martin, Neil Gaiman, Brian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson, Guy Gavriel Kay, L.E. Modesitt Jr., Greg Keyes, Robin Hobb, Tad Williams, Jacqueline Carey, China Mieville, Clive Barker, Matthew Stover, Timothy Zahn, Jim Butcher, Patrick Rothfuss, Richard K. Morgan, Jonathan Stroud, Dave Farland, Richard Kadrey, Kelley Armstrong, Kim Harrison, Patricia Briggs, Brandon Sanderson, Naomi Novik, James Rollins, Aaron Allston and R.A. Salvatore have signed books for The Signed Page.

More recently, fans of signed books have become fans of The Signed Page, building personal collections and libraries with signed books from the best speculative fiction has to offer! We work hard to maintain consistent quality and outstanding customer service, and it is our pleasure to help others gather books signed by their favorite writers.

Please contact Shawn with any questions the website does not answer.