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Update: Robin Hobb’s Trilogy

While I am still re-designing The Signed Page and getting it back up to some form of speed for its new debut on Monday, I thought it a good time to update you with details about the Robin Hobb signing, the last event I had planned for 2016.

Subterranean Press is producing beautiful editions of the original Farseer trilogy. I can’t wait to receive mine. I am a huge fan of the series and, that coupled with new John Howe artwork and Sub Press working their magic, I just had to beg the publisher for at least 25 sets for you all. The original date of publication was set for December but that has obviously come and gone. Can’t rush quality, in my opinion. I’ve learned that with Grim Oak Press.

Sub Press told me this morning that the Robin Hobb books should be ready to ship within three weeks. When I receive them, I will post about it and then visit Robin. She will personalize the copies and then I’ll ship them out. I’ll be sure to take some photos.

On the morrow, I will write up a post about what signings we have coming this year. Then the pre-order periods for those books will go live on Monday. And wow, are there some great ones already!

Thank you for your patience while I improve The Signed Page website on the surface as well as at its foundation!

Shawn Speakman

9 thoughts on “Update: Robin Hobb’s Trilogy

  1. Thanks Shawn,
    Happy new year, brst wishes for a happy and healthy 2017,

    Really appriciate your work


    1. Thank you, Ben! Still working on the site but it will be worth it. Hope you have a great 2017!

  2. Can’t wait to add these to my library. I also wanted to say thank you for your work. I received my Shannara blu ray in time for Christmas and was thrilled!

    1. I worked until 1 AM getting those Blu-rays shipped out so that they could be picked up the next day by USPS. Glad you got yours delivered on time! Some didn’t but I did my best.

  3. Have these already been up for purchase or is this like a update that they are going to be available later?

    1. They sold out last year.

  4. Any news on when these will arrive as the 3 week period they told you has come and gone with no new posts to let us know what the delay is

    1. Not everything works out perfect as planned. Please be patient. The books will ship next week.

      1. OK thanks Shawn as usual you have dealt with my query in a fast manner,and i can not ask for more than that

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