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Signing Updates

Hi Everyone,

It has been a rough 2017 so far. The website died. I rebuilt it. Then it had issues as I’m sure many of you have seen with checkout. I got sick — never get ulcers on your uvula — and am just now getting better. It’s all set me back a bit.

Here is an update though about the various signings that are taking place.

  • The Heart of What Was Lost by Tad Williams – The copies shipped to Tad last week and should have arrived early this week. Tad will sign them as he finds time and will ship them back to me. Hope to have them back by late next week.
  • Miranda and Caliban by Jacqueline Carey – I have ordered the books and they are on their way to me from the publisher. Jacqueline is currently on vacation but should return by late next week. I hope to have the books to her around that same time and she will sign and return them as soon as she can.
  • Firebrand by Kristen Britain – I have ordered the books from the publisher and hope to have them early next week. Then I will ship them to Kristen who will sign them.

Last night, I met with Patricia Briggs and Anne Bishop and they both signed their respective new books. They will ship out tomorrow.

Hope this helps you all! Many apologies about all the website issues. I am hoping they are in the past. If you experience difficulty with ordering, definitely contact me. It helps me find the problem early.


3 thoughts on “Signing Updates

  1. Your health and family are priority number one. Hopefully you’re done with the mulligans. We appreciate all you do.

  2. I was looking for the new Mercy Thompson book on your website, and it seems to have disappeared. It’s not on the main page, and does not show up as pre-order, or signed stock.

    I had to do a search to find the listing.

    1. It is now sold out sadly.

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