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Update: Jacqueline Carey Signing

Hi All,

It has been a horrible last two months for me. As I’ve said before, I first got dozens of sores in my mouth and on my uvula. Then I got sick with a bronchial mess. And directly after that, I got shingles — easily the worst of it all. Do not. Get. Shingles. Ever.

The fatigue from the shingles put me in bed and on the couch for weeks. I’m still super weak. But, I managed to finally pick up copies of Miranda and Caliban, to ship to Jacqueline Carey for signing. If I don’t suffer a set back this weekend of some kind, I plan on flapping the books, getting the personalization post-it notes into the books, and shipping the books to Jacqueline for signing on Tuesday.

She is ready to sign. So I know she will be a great deal faster than I have been, that’s for sure! And then the books have to be shipped back to me for final shipment.

Just giving you all a heads up on this. Many apologies. If I were more than a one-man crew, I probably wouldn’t have lost any speed.


3 thoughts on “Update: Jacqueline Carey Signing

  1. Shawn… please take care of yourself!

  2. Good god man – take care of yourself! The books can wait, though not mine of course 🙂

  3. Shawn…shingles…nasty. I have had them too. Hope you getting time to recover!

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