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New Signing: Marie Brennan & Todd Lockwood

Hi Everyone,

Dragons! We all love them!

Well, two of my favorite people also love them and they have been working together these last few years on a series of books titled The Lady Trent Memoirs. Marie Brennan is a fantastic writer. Add the talents of artist Todd Lockwood producing beautiful covers and interiors for Marie, and it makes for a great double-signing on The Signed Page.

That’s right. Marie’s new book, Within the Sanctuary of Wings just published and I am seeing her and Todd on May 11th, where they will double-sign copies of the new book. I know many of you love her writing and his artwork, so this is a great chance to get a double-signing book for the price of one. Ha.

To pre-order your copy of Within the Sanctuary of Wings double-signed by Marie Brennan and Todd Lockwood, click here:

Dragons! Can’t wait to get the time to read this book.

Hope you are reading something great right now!


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