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Shipped: Robin Hobb & Marie Brennan Books

Hi Everyone,

I have managed to ship out almost all copies of Assassin’s Fate signed by Robin Hobb. I still have about 15 multiple-book orders that need to be shipped today and about twenty orders that were ordered in the last two days.

All copies of Within the Sanctuary of Wings double-signed by Marie Brennan and Todd Lockwood have now been shipped.

The 300 boxes should be picked up by USPS today! Fingers crossed on that!

Hope you enjoy your signed books!


7 thoughts on “Shipped: Robin Hobb & Marie Brennan Books

  1. Any more news on firebrand by Kristen Britain?

    1. I got sick of waiting and just ordered copies from the publisher. Should arrive next week. Then they will go to Kristen and then have to come back. If you’d like a refund due to this huge snaffu, just let me know by Monday.

  2. Do you have any more Robin Hobbs books? I live in the U.K. Xxxxxxx

  3. Shawn is was such a pleasure to see you at Cannon Beach in May Terry is very lucky to have you and you did him proud. I had such a good time and I hope to return soon. thanks again and let Terry my thoughts and prayers are with him and his family and you. take care Kitty

  4. I have not recieved my Robin Hobb or Ted Williams books yet.

    1. Yes. Please read the updates on the page about this. In short, Tad’s books just came in and I’ll be shipping out your completed order this weekend.

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