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Signing Update: Kristen Britain & Tad Williams

Hi Everyone,

I have some news about two delayed signings — with Kristen Britain and Tad Williams.

I now have fine copies of Firebrand by Kristen Britain. I am shipping them to her tomorrow and they should arrive next week. She will sign and return them to me. Then I will ship them out with absolute haste. So at least this one is moving.

Tad Williams has signed copies of The Heart of What Was Lost and those copies should be coming back to me soon, according to him. I hope to have the copies next week and I will ship them out immediately.

Thank you for your patience! I am reminded why I don’t do mail signings.


4 thoughts on “Signing Update: Kristen Britain & Tad Williams

  1. Hello,
    Do you ship signed books to Australia? Or am I just dreaming? I’d love to get Tad’s latest signed, and am in no hurry so am just checking my options.

    1. Yes, I ship to Australia and I charge exactly what charges me for postage.

  2. Are any signed copies of Kristen Britain’s book “Firebrand” still available?

    1. Yes, I will have a few of them once she has returned the copies to me. She is signing them today, from what she told me.

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