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Email Issues Being Fixed On The Signed Page

For several months, my host and my Microsoft email address have not played nicely with one another. That means I haven’t received emails with any assurance in that time, leaving many of you with unanswered questions that I never received.

That changes this week. Starting today, I am moving hosts as well as getting rid of my Microsoft-powered Hotmail email. It is time. I will be using my host’s email service with the hope of leaving these problems behind.

What does that mean? Well, it means while the migration is happening and records are updating, this website might go down, or email might bounce, or both.

Know that we are working on this and we hope the transition will be quick.

You can always reach me on Facebook and Twitter of course, if the need is there.

Thanks for your understanding!

Best Wishes,
Shawn Speakman

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