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Update: Red Rising #1-3

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the signed Pierce Brown comic books so I thought I’d better update people again about what is going on with them. Pierce had planned to sign issues #1-3 after San Diego Comic Con. But after SDCC, he got the con crud, sickness that wiped him out. Once he had recovered, I sent him the comic books — only to have them arrive the day he was leaving for vacation and mini-tour outside of the US.

That means Pierce won’t be signing the comic books until he returns to the US, which is sometime after September 4th. I have no doubt that he will sign them upon returning home and get them back in the mail to me.

That’s about the best I can do on my end! Please be patience.


PS: And yes, Pierce will be signing copies of Iron Gold early next year via The Signed Page. More details about that around October 15.

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