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Update: Red Rising #1-3 Signed

Some Pierce Brown news!

Pierce has returned from his trip and he has signed copies of Red Rising: Sons of Ares #1-3. He has dropped them off at UPS and they should be back to me by the end of next week, I would think.

Then I will bag and board the comic books — so they are better protected, at no charge — and then ship the comic books out to those of you who have waited so patiently for them.

When I receive the comic books, I will update this page with that news to keep you up to date!

About bloodydamn time, right?


PS: I’ve received a lot of questions about Pierce signing copies of Iron Gold early next year. The answer is, “Yes, The Signed Page will welcome Pierce to sign copies. We’ve talked about it and that’s the plan.” I told Pierce I wanted to sell so many that he spends an entire day signing. Let’s make that happen! The pre-order period will go live October 1.

4 thoughts on “Update: Red Rising #1-3 Signed

  1. Yay!!!! I will be finished with Morning Star soon. Can’t wait to see the comics. I am sure they will be worth the wait!!

  2. Ridiculously excited for #1-3! Not a bad way to bide my time while waiting for the Iron Gold release. Thanks for the updates, Shawn!

  3. Hi Shawn

    Any word on the shipping of the comic books 1-3? Thanks

    1. This weekend. Starting tomorrow.

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