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The Book of Swords Has a Robin Hobb Story Featuring Fitz

Robin Hobb is no stranger to The Signed Page. I have known her for over a decade and she has signed and personalized copies for readers every book that has published in that span. She is local to The Signed Page, making it easy to meet up. It helps that she is the sweetest person I know and I absolutely love inviting her over. And she loves her fans dearly. A match made in heaven.

In the last three years, I have sold a lot of Robin’s books. She returned to her fan-favorite FitzChivalry series and each volume sold hundreds of copies. But the story isn’t over — kind of. Next month, The Book of Swords publishes. It is a stellar anthology featuring George R. R. Martin, Scott Lynch Ken Liu, Kate Elliott, and many more great writers. Robin Hobb is also one of them. And she wrote something special for it.

On her Facebook page last week, Robin announced that her story in The Book of Swords is set in the early years of Fitz. Here is what she had to say:

“Have you ever wondered how other people saw Fitz? Usually, the readers experience him as a first-person character. But my story in the Book of Swords takes place in a small fishing village during the early years of the Red Ship Wars and Forging. In “Her Father’s Sword” Fitz is a character, though not the main focus of the tale.”

Those of you who ordered signed copies of the last three volumes may be interested in The Book of Swords. Just saying!

The Book of Swords publishes next month! See Fitz again!

2 thoughts on “The Book of Swords Has a Robin Hobb Story Featuring Fitz

  1. Fitz and Beloved! More please

  2. I love Robin Hobby, can’t wait for that.

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