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Social Giveaway: Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson

I have received an Advance Reader Copy of Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson.

I don’t need to tell you all how many people want this book. The Stormlight Archive is beloved by epic fantasy readers and readers have been waiting for this book a long time. I am going to wait for the hardcover to publish before reading it. No, I’m not crazy. I just have a large To Be Read pile at the moment and I want to look over the first two books in the series again before jumping into Oathbringer.

And sadly, with Brandon not touring Seattle and The Signed Page this year, I don’t have to read the book quickly before he arrives. I can enjoy it on my own time. That means this ARC can be given away to a lucky reader.

I want to experiment with a new kind of giveaway. A social one. One that will help spread word about The Signed Page and bring it to even more lovers of signed books!

This will be a test. I don’t even know if I’ve set it up right. So if it works, please let me know in the comments field below!


If all goes correctly, you can open up the giveaway contact form by either logging into Facebook, Twitter, or entering your email address.

The contest is open to the world. Winner will be randomly selected November 1st!

Good luck!


29 thoughts on “Social Giveaway: Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson

  1. Hi,
    Thank you so much for this chance!

  2. It looks like it worked. I guess it depends if you actually got my entry…

  3. It works!!! I’d love to have this in my collection ?

  4. This is terrific! Unfortunately it didn’t work for me. Tried both but it just opened to a blank page. I will try from my desktop tomorrow instead of my phone and see how that goes. ?

  5. Looks like it worked!

  6. Love your work Thanks

  7. I think it worked? Either way, thank you for this chance, Shawn!

  8. I think it worked! Thanks for an awesome giveaway There are several books from this awesome store that’s on my Christmas list this year!

  9. Thank you for the opportunity there was one slight issue that returned an error but that could be because I was using a tablet device to navigate.

  10. Wheee! It works!!

  11. I am guessing it worked. It let me enter my info. . Really looking forward to this book.

  12. I am guessing it worked at least for the FB share. I did tweet it but brought me back to blank page. I already follow you and like the Signed Page on FB so those were out.

  13. Thanks Shawn!
    Entry was successful though I had to resort to using Firefox, which is undoubtedly an issue at my end.

    1. Saw this:
      “Tried a different tactic when it comes to the social media giveaway! Check it out again and feel free to enter again — after all, two entries is better than one!”
      so I thought I’d give it a try using the Twitter button too. Can confirm this worked also :).

  14. Excellent!!

  15. I shared on Facebook and Twitter but never got a page to fill out on my kindle.

  16. liked on facebook not sure if it worked

  17. It worked on my phone for me. ?

  18. I sent you my address. I think out all worked.. Lol fun project..

  19. Worked for me, thanks Shawn.

  20. It worked!

  21. Worked well for me. Shared on Facebook, Twitter & Google +. Thanks Shawn!

  22. Worked for me?

  23. Shared and sent you a comment. I would love to have this book. Thanks for thinking of sharing.

  24. It kind of worked for me as soon as I clicked share it all disappeared and let me enter my address. I had to go to the bottle of the blog to share on facebook. Hope it still counts. This has been a want for a long time to have an ARC of Brandon’s

  25. Looks like it worked! Hope it’s a success! Thanks!

  26. Lovely idea, thanks

  27. I think it worked.

  28. I couldn’t get the form to come up for me but I did share on my Facebook and my twitter I tried accessing the form through mobile and desktop (IE and Chrome). For those it worked for what method did you use? Thanks for the chance btw 😀 Love this site!

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