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Update: Pierce Brown Signing For Grim Oak Shield Charity

I am seeing Pierce Brown on Friday, January 19th, for the Iron Gold signing!

He has also begun signing the comic books for Red Rising: Sons of Ares #4-6. I hope to receive those back soon.

But there is one more news event worthy of sharing with all of you. Pierce has agreed to sign and/or personalize trade paperback copies of Red Rising, Golden Son and Morning Star at Grim Oak Shield. Grim Oak Shield is my new non-profit devoted to raising and granting money to authors an artists who have medical debt. It is my way of paying forward the aid I received from Unfettered when I had cancer.

Pierce wanted to support that charity endeavor. If you do too and if you want signed and/or personalized copies of the Red Rising trilogy, visit Grim Oak Shield and place an order this week! These will make for great reading copies as well as great gifts.

Happy ordering! More news later this week and next week after the signing!


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