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Update: Child of a Mad God Signed by R. A. Salvatore

Sometimes, planned signings do not go right.

Case in point, the signing for Child of Mad God by R. A. Salvatore.

Bob and I were to get together at Emerald City Comic Con. We did that a couple of times. But for whatever reason, the publisher of the book did not mail the books correctly. When I paid overnight shipping for them to arrive the Monday before ECCC was to start, they arrived 12 days later. In short, Bob didn’t sign books because I did not have them.

I suspect they were late for one reason and one reason only: the book went to a second printing. When I placed my order, there were 1st printings in the warehouse that quickly went to other people, leaving The Signed Page with no books. Then it took the publisher a week to get that next printing back into their warehouse and the copies shipped. That doens’t help me, obviously. I have orders for signed copies of Child of a Mad God and not only do I not have Bob Salvatore here to sign but the books are 2nd printings.

I realize some of you don’t care about the printing. But for some, it matters. If you’d like a refund for your order, just let me know via the Contact page and I’ll make it happen.

For the rest of you, I am seeing Bob in mid-May at Get Lit at the Beach. So I can get books signed then.

Also, be looking for some Salvatore news over on Grim Oak Press soon…

Sneaky Bald Man,

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