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Multi-Signed Unfettered Hardcover ARCs

Emerald City Comic Con is two weeks away! It’s where I’ll be having Katherine Arden and Gwenda Bond sign their respective books for those of you who ordered them!

But I’m going to ECCC for another reason. Grim Oak Press is launching my new anthology, Unfettered III, at the convention too! It is a power-house SF&F book of short stories and novellas, filled with many authors who have signed for The Signed Page in the past.

The great thing for all of you? I am bringing our new Unfettered II and Unfettered III hardcover ARCs with me to ECCC and having multiple contributors sign them! These ARCs are limited to 250 copies, are made with high quality materials, and having them multi-signed is a dream come true!

Here are the anthologies and the authors who I’ll be chasing down at the con:

  • Unbound – Terry Brooks, Kat Richardson, Jason Hough, Shawn Speakman, Todd Lockwood
  • Unfettered II – Terry Brooks, Rachel Caine, Sarah Beth Durst, Seanan McGuire, Peter Orullian, Shawn Speakman, Todd Lockwood
  • Unfettered III – Terry Brooks, Delilah S. Dawson, Jason Denzel, Megan Lindholm (Robin Hobb), Todd Lockwood, Seanan McGuire, Peter Orullian, Cat Rambo, Shawn Speakman, Patrick Swenson, Ramon Terrell, and interior artist Kaitlund Zupanic

Click the book title above to visit Grim Oak Press and pre-order your multi-signed copies! As for that green Unfettered III that you see in the photos? It’s an Emerald City Comic Con Exclusive Edition, only being sold at the con at the Worldbuilders booth (booth MM1 & MM2). If it doesn’t sell out, we will make the remaining copies available on Grim Oak Press.

Hope you are reading something great this weekend!


10 thoughts on “Multi-Signed Unfettered Hardcover ARCs

  1. Lord, I can’t tell you how much I want one of those green editions.

    1. Yeah, I’m curious to see if they sell out or not at the convention. If they don’t, we will put remaining copies up for sale on the Grim Oak website. It turned out beautiful. Pleased with it!

  2. Shawn, do you have green copies of Unfettered III left? Also i would to get a copy of Unfettered signed by you and Terry if possible and do you expect anymore Unbound books?

    1. You can find all of these over on Grim Oak Press. 🙂

      1. The above books of Unfettered II and III are signed correct?

        1. Ah, you are talking about the ARCs. No, we have no more Unbound ARCs. We do have multi-signed copies of Unfettered II andd III, although I’m trying to get Terry and Lockwood to come over in about a week to sign too.

          1. Should I wait to buy II and III until they 2 sign then? Can I order them but wait for them to be signed?

          2. You can order now if you like. I won’t ship them out early without a few more sigs.

  3. Hey Shawn!
    I just found out about the green Unfettered II copies and saw that they are still available on Grim Oak. Are they signed by both you and Terry Brooks?
    Thanks so much! They turned out awesome!

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