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Delayed Signings: Brooks & Williams

Unfortunately, I have some bad news for those of you who like to read new releases upon release.

First, Tad Williams and I are trying to figure out the best way to have him sign copies of Empire of Grass. He did not tour this year as I expected, leaving us with figuring out the logistics of getting 80 big books signed. When I have more information on this, I will certainly update the social media sites as well as this blog.

Second, another unfortunate thing happened. Terry Brooks put his Seattle home up for sale and it sold far faster than we had planned. He and his wife Judine have been boxing, boxing, boxing up a home life of 32 years and that’s not an easy thing to do for book people. He had to be out by May 27th and he was able to do that, but it also left him with no time to stop by and sign before his tour starts. Now he’s off on tour until mid-June. This means your ordered copy or copies of The Stiehl Assassin won’t ship until he signs sometime in mid to late June.

If you’d like a refund on either of these books due to these reasons, feel free to reach out to me and ask. I’m okay with this, obviously. You guys come first. And some of you want your books now to read and can order them from somewhere else. Just let me know!

Best Wishes,

39 thoughts on “Delayed Signings: Brooks & Williams

  1. Thanks fo the kind offer, but I am willing to wait. I will download on my Kindle in the meantime.

    1. That’s a great solution. Thanks for understanding.

  2. Shawn, these are first editions and eventually will be signed. I’m fine waiting for mine. Thank you.

    1. Yes, I have the books. They are flapped and ready to go. Just need authors. And they are 1st/1sts, yup.

  3. Thanks for letting us know Shawn, no problem with waiting.

  4. Hi. Since there is a delay, would it be possible for me to order a signed copy of Terry Brook’s book?
    If so, how much and where can I make payment?
    Thank you.

    Fred Knowlton

    1. All of these books will be signed, yes. You can order from

  5. I have no issue waiting. I won’t be reading until the 4th book is here so it’s all good.

  6. will be waiting for mine to be signed, can i get it made out to someone ??

    1. I had a hard 100 personalization rule when it comes to Terry and some other authors. Simply because their hands tire and/or have pain. And if I let you do this, then I have to let everyone do it. And that could mean 300. So I’d better say no to this even though I want to really badly.

  7. Totally understand the moving process. I will gladly wait for my signed copy. I am an avid Terry Brooks reader and fan.

  8. The signed book is worth the wait. Besides, I’m waiting for the fourth book so I can read them all at once, in a row. 😉

  9. Thanks for the update, will be worth the wait 😊😊

  10. I’m joining the waiting list too. Thank you for doing this, for us readers of fantasy.

  11. I have no problem waiting for my signed copy. Trying to find the time to re-read Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn anyway so I can look for all the great connections in the new trilogy.

    I do have a question/request however: is there any way that a coupon for, or electronic copy of, the books can be included in the sale? I love my physical books – but hate taking them places for fear of having something happen to them (lost, liquid spills, torn dust jackets, etc). Given the size of most of Tad Williams’ books – I’d much rather have an electronic copy for when I’m traveling and ensure that the physical copy remains in good condition for when I want to read at home.


    1. Your question is for the book publisher. It’d be up to them.

      1. Ah – didn’t think about that. You would have to buy the coupon codes for the ebooks, wouldn’t you, as the publisher doesn’t seem to offer this.

        Ok. But I’m still absolutely willing to wait for the physical book from you. Love this site and the service it offers. Thanks!

  12. Wasn’t expecting my book until then. Terry’s needs always come first. Without him, I have no Shannara! Will be here when it arrives. Thanks for the update! You rock!! Would wait until December, please don’t make me!!!

  13. I’ll wait Shawn. No worries. I’ve only read the first book of the Fall of Shannara. Kinda waiting till I have the rest before I read them all. One more long year or so! Not sure if I can wait lol.

  14. Please email us next time, i dont check you page every day( i was checking my order under the myacount portion).

    1. I do email. Join the newsletter please.

  15. I have zero problem on waiting for Terry to sign my book. I am in the middle of a law school summer externship and would not be able to read it until the externship finishes in mid-July so no worries. Thanks for the update!

  16. Thanks for the update Mr speakman. I am more than willing to wait. Best wishes, ray

  17. Thanks for letting us know about the delay.Happy to wait these things happen.

  18. Getting a copy for my iPad to read, no problem waiting for the signed book to arrive. Thanks Shawn!

    Also, I started The Dark Thorn…Excellent!

  19. Shawn, any updates on when you think the Stiehl Assassin will be ready? I am moving mid-summer and it would be much better for it to get here before then. If not, I’ll figure it out. Appreciate being so helpful, as always.

    1. No updates. Terry is still on tour. I won’t know when this will happen until 1. Terry comes home and is recovered from the tour, and 2. When Baby Speakman #2 makes an appearance this week and how all of that goes.

      1. Appreciate the feedback. Good luck with Baby Speakman #2!

  20. I have no problem waiting! Thanks Shawn!!!!

  21. Sometimes thing happen beyond your control. Terry Brooks boos are worth the wait.

  22. Shawn,

    It’s July 2nd? What’s the status of Terrys signing?

    1. Terry plans on coming over on Thursday to sign.

  23. Mr. Speakman, Are you able to confirm if Mr. Brooks was able to sign his books on 4 July?

    Do you have an estimate on shipping dates?

    1. He didn’t sign on the 4th. He signed a few yesterday, signing the rest Monday.

  24. Moves are hard work! Draining physically and mentally. Hope The Brooks latest homestead brings them much happiness. Looking forward to my Signed copy of The Stiehl Assassin. Thanks for making this an opportunity for us fans.

  25. Shawn,
    Did Terry sign the books yesterday as you July 11th post indicated? If not, will Terry commit to a date as it’s been 7 weeks now since the release?

    1. Yes, he signed. And I began shipping already.

  26. Is there any update on the Williams’ signing of Empire of Grass? Thanks!

    1. None. I wrote him again yesterday, trying to figure something out.

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