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Terry Brooks News & Double-Signed Giclee

Terry Brooks finished his tour yesterday, happily returning home today.

That means we have to figure out when he can come over to sign copies of The Stiehl Assassin. Since Terry usually visits my area on the 4th of July, I’m hoping that we can get the books signed no later than next week. I’ve already created all of the boxes and cut the bubblewrap and all is ready to go. Just need my traveling author to stop by! Fingers crossed it happens soon. More details on this when they are firmed up. And if you are tired of waiting, I understand. You can ask for a refund and I will gladly give it.

But today, I am offering a rare item. I’ve only done this once before and it was super fun. I am partnering with artist Donato Giancola to produce beautiful giclees of his Warrior artwork — double-signed by Terry Brooks and Donato! There are two sizes: 18″ x 24″ and 24″ x 36″. Both will look gorgeous on your wall!

You can read more about the double-signed giclees HERE!

Hope you are well!

6 thoughts on “Terry Brooks News & Double-Signed Giclee

  1. Ordered a signed print. Great idea! Thanks for always thinking outside of the box.

  2. Mr. Speakman,
    I’ll gladly wait for my copy of “ The Stheil Assassin”. Moving is a hard job.

  3. A signed book from Terry Brooks is worth the wait. Thank you for making it possible.

  4. Shawn , Good things come to those that wait. Thank you for all you do. I’ve no doubt that Terry’s signing hand needs a break too! Have a good Independence Day my Friend.

  5. Dear Mr. Speakman,
    Is there an update on when the Giclee Prints will be shipped?
    Tanx for the info.

    1. Terry is on vacation at the moment. And I’ve been gone for three weeks. When he gets back and we can get together, he will sign them and then they will ship out. No idea when that will be but I have the giclees with Donato’s signature already.

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