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New Signings: Brian Herbert & Shawn Speakman

Hi All,

Got two new titles to mention here!

I’m super excited to offer the new Deluxe Edition of Dune by Frank Herbert. No, this will not be signed by Frank. It will be signed by his son, Brian, who wrote an introduction for this gorgeous book. And it is absolutely beautiful. Brian has posted photos of it online on his Facebook page and Twitter account. Those photos are below! This is a super rare signing. Luckily, I live close to Brian, so it is easy to get together and sign some books! If you love Dune, this is a great edition to have. Especially with the much anticipated movie coming December 2020!

The other signing is for a chapbook of Song of the Fell Hammer, my first epic fantasy novel. The chapbook features the first five chapters from the novel. Grim Oak Press is publishing the full novel as a hardcover soon — you can find details on that HERE — but this 64-page chapbook is pretty rare. I only produced 125 of them and handed 100 of them out at Dragon Con this year. I kept 25, to put up for sale on The Signed Page and pay for the entire print run. When these are gone, they are gone!

Happy Friday!

5 thoughts on “New Signings: Brian Herbert & Shawn Speakman

  1. Shawn,
    Are the chap books already gone for Fell Hammer? Just checking. Couldn’t find it here on the site to order if still available. Thanks.

      1. I didn’t get this message until today. 😕 All are gone. Very sad.

  2. Hi! Looking to see when these will be shipped? No rush, just wondering.


    1. Dune ships in November as stated on the product page. My chapbook will ship once I figure out the best box to use for it. 🙂

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