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Enter For Chance to Own Comic Con Edition of Storm Front

Peace Talks by Jim Butcher publishes in July and The Signed Page is working with Jim’s publicist to have him stop by and sign books. Fingers crossed on that front.

But the release of Peace Talks is not the only thing that Jim and Ace have up their sleeves this year. 2020 marks the 20th anniversary of Storm Front, the first book in the bestselling Dresden Files. 20 years is a worthy anniversary to celebrate such a wonderful series, and Ace will be selling an exclusive new hardcover of Storm Front at various conventions throughout the year.

Since I know many of you don’t attend conventions but you may love to own this book, I reached out to Jim’s publicist about getting some copies in. I’d probably need at least 500-700 copies. They could only give me 50. Eek! But Jim will sign the 50 at Emerald City Comic Con in March.

To keep this fair for everyone since more than 50 people will want this rare item, I decided to accept entries from those who want it. It will be $30-$50 or so, depending on how much Ace sells them to me for. If you are interested, enter your name and email below in the supplied contact form. In early February, After Emerald City Comic Con, I will do a Live Video from The Signed Page Facebook Page and randomly draw names that have entered!

Then once Jim signs the books in March, I’ll reach out to the winners and send invoices to be paid. Super easy!

Good luck! And if you have any questions, do ask! I’m always around.



6 thoughts on “Enter For Chance to Own Comic Con Edition of Storm Front

  1. I went to my first Salt Lake Comic Con years ago Just to Meet Jim Butcher and go to his panels!!!!!! Little did I know that I would get Hooked on Comic Cons and meeting Cool people!!! Getting to meet and talk with you, Shawn, and Terry Brooks (a friend wanted books signed) and now I’m lifelong fans of both of you.. Favorite memory….Terry coming up to me in the last workshop of our con Remembering who I was and putting his arm around me and asking How I liked my first Comic Con!!!???? Luv you guys and your kindness to me— a Book Geek!!!! It was at Comic Con that I realized fir the 1st time that it was Great to be a Book Geek!!!!!

  2. For the first time. Sorry about the above …..

  3. After I read Storm Front, I kind of binge-read the series until White Night. Then I had the agonizing Waiting until the next ones were published.
    I always recommend Storm Front to people looking to find new things to read.

  4. Would be great

  5. Hi Shawn – what a great offer. I’d love to be one of the 50, but, if not, will still enjoy your wares
    Chris Meeson

  6. awesome!

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