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New Signing: Naomi Novik

I am attending Emerald City Comic Con this year along with many other authors.

One of those authors is Naomi Novik, one of my favorite people. She’s a wonderful person, one helluva writer, and since I’m her webmaster I get access to her signing pen!

I know many of you count Uprooted and Spinning Silver as two of your favorite fantasy novels. Naomi and I thought it would be a great idea to have the two titles on The Signed Page and she’ll sign/personalize while she is out visiting ECCC. Uprooted is only available as a trade paperback; Spinning Silver can be ordered as a hardcover or trade paperback. These editions are not first printing, FYI, but I know the two trade paperbacks will look great on the shelf and will make excellent reading copies too!

And if you haven’t read these, what is wrong with you?? These are two of my favorite books from the last decade! I highly recommend them!

And before anyone asks, yes, Naomi is writing a new book at the moment. She’s nearing the end… and that’s all I’ll say about this! More news from Naomi and Del Rey soon. It’s great news. So stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “New Signing: Naomi Novik

  1. will she ever come to India?
    i am a desparate bookworm,
    and am now addicted to the scholomance series.
    i would LOVE to have a signed copy!!!!!!!!
    when will “the last graduate” be available in book form?
    i am one of those people who loves the new book smell.

    1. A trip to India must be at the behest of the publisher in India. As far as book form, The Last Graduate publishes in late September in the US.

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