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No Copies of Jim Butcher’s Storm Front

Emerald City Comic Con has postponed the convention that was supposed to take place this upcoming weekend. This is due to COVID-19. It is best to help keep people of all ages and health-levels safe. You can read the convention’s press release about this matter here.

This means that Penguin Random House will not be visiting Seattle. And not going with them, Jim Butcher. Jim was going to sign 50 hardcover copies of the 20th Anniversary Edition of Storm Front and I was going to hold a raffle for who could buy a copy. Unfortunately, PRH and I decided to cancel this because the logistics became too difficult to manage to ensure the books were in great condition.

I was excited to do this. But it just isn’t feasible. Hope to have Butcher news in the future though for Peace Talks. Stay tuned!

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3 thoughts on “No Copies of Jim Butcher’s Storm Front

  1. If you can wait a couple of months, Jim will be in Missoula, MT for Miscon (also appearing will be Patty Briggs and Dan Dos Santos).

    1. And then I have to go to MisCon, carrying 50 books? Nope. Not gonna happen. We have other Jim Butcher news to share soon anyway… bwahaha.

  2. I am sort of glad, as honestly i didnt see this and id have been ruined to not even put my name in the hat. Here’s to when it comes out!

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