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Announcing Shannara Con & Ticket Details

Hi Everyone!

A simple update on this Friday. I have downloaded all email addresses attached to Signed Page orders for The Last Druid by Terry Brooks and sent out emails via Eventbrite about ordering your Welcome Kit and securing your ticket to Shannara Con.

If you pre-ordered The Last Druid from The Signed Page but you did not receive an email from me about how to buy the Welcome Kit and join Shannara Con, please email me. I will send you a link!

Sunday is the cut off for you. Why is that? Well, it’s not really. But on Monday, August 10th, the Eventbrite page will become public to everyone and I can’t guarantee those of you who ordered from The Signed Page that there will be enough Welcome Kits or places in October’s virtual Shannara Con.

To celebrate Shannara Con and all of you who have been avid Signed Page followers all of these years, I am going to share one side of the Shannara Con Welcome Kit coin! Here it is:

The other side will be shared next week. And opening the Eventbrite up to the public on Monday is going to be fun. But for this weekend, it’s all yours!

Hope you are reading something great.

With Magic,

Shawn Speakman

14 thoughts on “Announcing Shannara Con & Ticket Details

  1. Thanks, Shawn. It’s been a great ride! I’m looking forward to change, as I’m sure Terry is, too.

  2. Hi. I must have missed the email. Is this how we contact you to ask for the link? Thanks.

    1. According to your email address, I don’t have a Last Druid order from you. If you didn’t order that book, then you have to wait until tomorrow when the event goes public to everyone.

    2. how do I get a link to purchase tickets to Shannara con? I really want to attend the event but am unsure of how to purchase a ticket.

      please advise. I am looking forward to the event

  3. Hi, Do you know what time the Shannara Con tickets will go on sale? Eventbrite has no information about it yet. Thanks!

    1. 9 AM PDT. In 3 minutes.

      1. Hello! I am freaking out right now. I don’t
        believe I had an email confirmation for the shannaracon and book that I purchased back in August. Is there a way to make sure I am okay to go? This means the world to me and I’ve been so excited for months and I’m feeling panic.

        1. Yes, you are confirmed.

  4. I pre ordered the book from The Signed page but haven’t gotten an email about buying a Welcome Kit.

    1. You ordered your Signed Page copy on October 17th, after Shannara Con tickets/welcome kits closed.

  5. Hi Shawn. I must be confused. I thought we would get the book on the day of release? When are they expected to ship? Thanks.

    1. Terry is signing today as planned and the books will be shipped throughout the rest of the week/weekend. Expect your copy soon. And no, it won’t arrive today. I’m not Amazon. 😉

      1. Thanks Shawn. I’m getting old so I misunderstood or most likely forgot. Thanks for all you do.

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