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Vacation: I’m Gone 2 Weeks

A quick note here.

I need a vacation. Badly. I will still write in the mornings and I’m getting my Kickstarter for The Tempered Steel of Antiquity Grey ready for an August 25th launch, but I won’t be able to ship books out while gone. So if you order a book, be prepared it won’t ship until after August 27th.

Thank you. This is needed. I need sun and pool and margarita. Daily. At least for a few days. Ha!

I will still have access to email and social media. So if you have a question, I’ll be able to answer it.


6 thoughts on “Vacation: I’m Gone 2 Weeks

  1. You deserve it Shawn! Have fun!

  2. Enjoy!!

  3. Have a great vacation.

  4. Make sure to take the Black Elfstone.

  5. Have fun, enjoy! You deserve this 🙂

  6. I do not recall giving you permission to go on vacation! 😁
    Remember there isn’t much that can’t wait until you get back.
    I would suggest severly limiting your electronics use except for taking pictures of your family.
    Oh and turn some of the photo taking over to your lovely so there are pictures of you.

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